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      Newcastle Denture Clinic
      65 George Street
      ST5 1JT

      Email: clinic@newcastledenture.co.uk
      Telephone: 01782 631355
      Emergency Phone: 07894 581463

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    Request a Callback

    Speaking to someone about your dentures will help you to relay your fears and concerns, learn more about the denture services that we provide and finally to make arrangements to visit the denture clinic for a no obligation denture consultation.

    At Newcastle Denture Clinic we are also aware that you may not be able to call us during normal office hours or would prefer for one of our team to give you a call back to discuss your dentures. By providing us with a few details we can arrange for one of our team to give you a call and help you make those valuable first steps along the path to improving your dentures and giving you that great smile that you deserve and that truly is our secret.

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